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In our unofficial poll, ten out of ten people agree that the Thanksgiving holiday is the best holiday. This conclusion is likely due, in large part, to the consumption of carbs and cheese combined with the increased number of opportunities to nap. 

We've got you covered with recipes for the vehemently traditionalist to your devoted red meat eating father-in-law. Unfortunately, your gluten-free-pescetarian-raw-food-sugar-free-organic-eating-kooky-conspiracy-theory-loving aunt (through marriage, of course) may need to bring her own carrot sticks and avocado toast because this Thanksgiving spread is all things gluttonous, calorie-filled, and undeniably delicious.


Hashtag YOLO. 

Because being around family for twelve hours sometimes requires the mass consumption of alcoholic beverages. Welcome to the Pre-Game...

There are two kinds of people in this world: members of Team Turkey and members of Team Turkey is Satan. Can't we all just get along? Welcome to The Main Attraction... 

Let's be honest... we're really just here for the potatoes and stuffing. Enter: The Team Players

Because you don't practice those stomach expansion exercises or wear spandex for nothing. Well, you're officially a winner and this, friends, is The Reward.

And, now, onto more pressing matters. Whether you're hosting or simply reporting for gluttony duty, what sartorial compilation allows one to look as chic as possible while gravy is conspicuously dribbling down one's greedy chin? And a small word from the wiser: don't wear a belt. It will only serve to impair your ability to unbutton your pants post-feasting. Plus, keeping one's pants up isn't really an issue around Thanksgiving, is it? 

And in case you're less of a cook, more of a sports enthusiast, Thanksgiving weekend is a highlight of the entire season. Let's give a big helloooooo to RIVALRY WEEKEND!!  

Here are a few of the most anticipated games: LSU will take on the Aggies Thursday evening at 7pm; On Saturday, Florida will go head to head with Florida State, Kentucky will duke it out with Louisville, USC will battle it out with Clemson, and in what is one of Luna's most anticipated and favorite games of the entire year (our owner, Tina Hart, is a diehard alumna of the Crimson Tide), undefeated Alabama will, once again, prove to Auburn who's boss. ROOLLLLLLLLLLLTIDE!


You can find the full weekend football schedule here.


Sports not really your thing? Don't fret- you're not alone. Be sure to tune in to Macy's 90th Thanksgiving Day Parade at 9am est. Charlotte's Novant Health Parade will begin at 9:30. Atlanta is hosting a half-marathon and 5k in case vegging on the sofa isn't up to speed for you. Charleston is throwing their 39th Annual Turkey Day Run and Gobble Wobble



Whatever your weekend plans may be, we hope you have the loveliest few days filled with family, tradition, good food, and fellowship. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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